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Other Activities

School Screening

The institute runs school screening programs in various schools in Dharwad. The program aims to identify children with various communication disorders at an early age. Students get the exposure to conduct speech, language and hearing screening programs.

Infant Screening

The institute runs infant hearing screening programs in various hospitals in Dharwad. The program helps in the early identification of hearing loss in newborn babies and thereby early intervention. Students get exposure to conduct hearing screening using high-risk registers, pure-tone screeners and otoacoustic emissions.

Special Clinics

The JSS Institute of Speech and Hearing, Dharwad, in association with the Vitthal Institute of Child Health and Specialty Centre, Dharwad, conducts a monthly special clinic for children with cerebral palsy. This multidisciplinary clinic involves physical medicine rehabilitator, physiotherapist and orthodontist, to provide assessment, rehabilitation and home training for children with cerebral palsy.