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Publications – 2020

SI No Title Journal Authors
1 Naming differences among
lexical categories in Hubli-
Dharwad (India) Kannada dialect
Research journal of Language, Literature and Humanities, (2020), 7 (1), 1-8. Ms. Sandhya
Mr.Aravinda H.R
2 Pattern of Disfluencies in children of North and South Karnataka International Journal of Science and Healthcare Research, Vol.10; Issue 4; April 2020. Ms. Theaja K
3 Delayed Speech and Language in Bardet – Biedl Syndrome – A Case Report Journal of Pedaitrics Research Reviews & Reports Volume 2(2): 1-2
June 2020
Mr.Aravinda H R
4 Measuring Hearing Aid Outcomes of Government Funded Hearing Aids in India International Journal of Science and Healthcare Research, Vol.5; Issue: 2; April-June 2020 Mr. Aravinda H.R
5 Adductor spasmodic dysphonia – A detailed case report on assessment and management Global Journal of medical and clinical case reports, Vol.7(1); 051-053 Ms.Sandhya