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Research Project at the Institute

Title Investigators Duration Cost Agency Status
Estimation of Parental Consanguinity in Children with Communication Disorders Jijo P M, Sreeraj K, Sandhya K, Rashmi P. 1 year Rs. 5,14000 AIISH Research Fund. Completed


Sl- No Title Authors Journal
1 Reading Fluency in Children using Cochlear Implants and Hearing Aids: A Standard Group Comparison Theaja Kuriakose, Bhavya M, Harshitha Jain & Thejaswini M Asia-Pacific Journal of Research (2017) .1, 227-231.
2 Translation of Hearing Handicap Inventory (adults and elderly) to Kannada. Sindhu & Jijo P M. Journal of Indian Speech, Language and Hearing Association. (2017). 31 (1), 5-22.