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Publications – 2018

Sl no Title Journal Authors
1 Behavioral and electrophysiological correlates of aided performance in individuals with late onset Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder (ANSD) – A review Journal of Audiology and Otology: Vol 22, Issue 1, 2018 Dr. Jijo P.M.
2 Acoustic analysis on intonation in two dialects of Kannada – A comparative study The Journal of Acoustical Society of India: Vol 45, No.1,  2018 Ms. Theaja K
3 Clinical findings of Hearing and communication Disorders in Goldenhar syndrome : A case report Pediatrics & Neonatal Biology Open Access: Vol 3, No 2, 2018 Mr. Sabarish


4 Occulocutaneous albinism with Autism spectrum Disorders – A case study Pediatrics & Neonatal Biology Open Access: Vol 3, No 3, 2018 Ms. Sandhya

Mr. Aravinda

5 Efficacy of sound therapy using an Android based application in individuals with Tinnitus International Journal of Advance and innovative research, 2018 Mr. Sabarish A