The JSS Institute of Speech and Hearing, Dharwad, has a vibrant alum network that spans across the country and abroad. The institute’s alumni have made significant contributions to the speech and hearing sciences, and many hold leadership and responsibility positions in various organizations and institutions.

The institute’s alumni association regularly organizes meetings and events that bring together former students, faculty members, and current students to share knowledge, experiences, and ideas. The association also provides a platform for the alums to give back to their alma mater by offering mentorship, career guidance, and financial support.

Many alumni of the institute work as speech-language pathologists, audiologists, researchers, and educators in various healthcare settings, educational institutions, and research organizations. They have contributed to the development of innovative techniques and technologies that have revolutionized the field of speech and hearing sciences.

Some alumni of the institute have also established their own clinics and private practices, providing diagnostic and therapeutic services to patients with communication and hearing disorders. They have made significant contributions to the community by promoting awareness and advocating for the rights of individuals with communication and hearing disorders.