Awards and Recognitions

Title Award Conference
Acoustic correlates of perceived emotions among Hindustani Singers. Chethan, Geetesh, Aravinda H R, Sandhya K Manohar Memorial Award 50th  National Conference of Indian Speech and Hearing Association, AIISH, Mysore
Audiological characteristics and aided benefits in individuals with late onset ANSD. Sabarish A, Renuka Prasad, Swarada S. Best Poster Award TRANSPIRE 2020, MAHE, Manipal
Adductor spasmodic Dysphonia- A case study. Sandhya K, Divya, Surabhi Best Paper National Seminar on Assessment and management of Dysphagia and neurogenic communication disorders, Shravana Institute of Speech and Hearing, Bellary
Influence of Speech andSkills of a child witrh repaired cleft lip and palate on her non cleft siblings. AcaseReport. GirishK S, Chidan M, Hashil. Best Poster INDOCLEFTCON 2022,
Validation of a low cost, portable Pure tone audiometer – Dr JIjo P M, Ms Spanditha H L Best Paper Audiology International conference of Communication disorders and audiological practices-  National Institute of  Speech and Hearing, Trivandrum  (Sept 2022)
Effect of pitch and loudness on cepstral Parameters of Voice. Mr. Darshan D Best Paper Speech Pathology Speech and Hearing Association of India West Bengal Branch Conference  (May-2022)
Temporal Processing abilities in individuals with and without stuttering.
Mr. Varun S B, Mr. Yashas, Ms. Theaja K, Ms. Apoorva K S
Best Poster Presentation 50th  TASLPCON- ISAM 2022, Hyderabad