In House Workshop

JSS Institute of Speech and Hearing, located in Dharwad, India, regularly organizes workshops to provide practical training and hands-on learning experiences to students and professionals in the field of Speech and Hearing. Experts with extensive experience and knowledge in the subject matter conduct these workshops.

The workshops offered by the JSS Institute of Speech and Hearing cover various topics related to Speech and Hearing, including auditory rehabilitation, voice therapy, and communication disorders. The workshops are designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of participants and provide them with practical experience in the field.

The workshops typically involve a combination of lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on activities. Participants work individually or in groups and have the opportunity to interact with experts and peers in the field. The workshops are also an excellent platform for networking and sharing knowledge and ideas with others in the area. The institute’s commitment to providing high-quality education and training in the field is reflected in the quality of its workshops, which are highly regarded by participants and experts alike.

Date Topic Participants Resource Persons
8th February 2018 Speech and Hearing Clinical practice in India and abroad. BASLP students Mr. Ramesh Betageri, USA
9th October 2018 Advances in hearing aids Internship students Mr Vikranth Patil, AuD
10th December 2019 Clinical aspects of Cochlear Implant BASLP students Ms.Chethana Jaggal, Clinical Audiologist, St.Anna Krankenhaus, Germany
13th -22nd May 2020 Online Workshop on ‘Acoustic and Perceptual Analysis of Voice and Speech’ BASLP students JSSISH Dharwad and Mysore Faculty- Dept of Speech Language Pathology
14th-21st May 2020 Online Workshop on ‘Audiology’ BASLP students JSSISH Dharwad and Mysore Faculty – Department of Audiology
JUNE 2021 Webinar series on Clinical aspects of Speech Language Pathology and Audiology BASLP students Dharwad and Mysore Faculty
16th March 2022 Role of Speech Language Pathologist in Assessment and Management of swallowing disorders II and III BASLP students and Internship Students Mr Gunasagar and Mr Darshan D
20 July 2023 Early Identification of communication disorders- the Role of field staff Fieldworkers – Operation Equip India Faculty
10 December 2023 Assessment and management of Hearing, Voice, and Swallowing disorders - One day seminar for ENT surgeons ENT surgeons Faculty